About Us

Agustina Brum Anti-aging Center was founded because we wanted to offer safe treatments that would give wonderful results to our clients. Combining the most innovating technology with the latest advancements in skin care products, we finally have a treatment that is 100% safe, showing amazing results, gentle on the skin, relaxing and life changing!

Our treatments work best accumulatively, making them more and more effective as time goes on. We truly have discovered the fountain of youth and everyone can benefit from it. We are a wellness brand with values rooted in healing, empowering and promoting healthy choices for our skincare. Our brand can be trusted for safe treatments and products. How you choose to achieve younger looking skin matters and we can help you achieve the best results and have the healthiest, most beautiful skin naturally.



Agustina is a licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist who trained under the great Ana Marie Colvito,  the inventor of the first Microcurrent Technology that we used. Ana had been in the skin care industry for over 40 years and was a wonderful teacher and mentor to Agustina before her passing a few years ago.

Agustina started her business in early 2016 and now is working with Ana’s mentor, Edward.


Phally is a licensed Cosmetologist whom Agustina met in Beauty School. Phally has been trained by Agustina and shares her passion for helping other people. They have been working together for 4 years and Phally has develop a deep understanding of Agustina’s methods.