Acne Treatments

When you do regular treatments with microcurrent you are able to treat acne from the inside out in a healthy and natural way that is more effective than other harsh ways. It helps prevent future breakouts and controls the oil production. It changes the texture of your skin making it more smooth and healing scars.

Although the cause of acne can vary from person to person , the most common causes are hormonal imbalances, inflammation and stress. Luckily, no matter what the condition is it can be controlled with regular weekly treatments of microcurrent. It can clear up even the worst cases of acne and it can revel the beautiful skin underneath in very little time.

Premium Microcurrent Treatment – $300 / 60 mins
Microcurrent Treatment – $250 / 60 mins
Package of 7 Microcurrent Treatments – $1,050 / $150 each
Package of 4 Microcurrent Treatment ( ) – $400/ $100 each

Microcurrent is the holistic and natural way to have clear looking skin. It can unclog your pores, clear acne and reduce inflammation on the skin.
Balancing the sebum and stimulate cell renewal.