Potent serums rich in essential vitamins and minerals are massaged into your skin using both deeply relaxing and stimulating lympho- energetic acupressure techniques that smooth fine lines for an age-defying facial formulated for mature skin.

Collagen infusion facial . . . . . $190 – 90 mins
Glow facial . . . . . $190 – 90 mins
Detox facial . . . . . $190 – 90 mins

We offer the finest facials with the latest advancements in skincare products. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamins to deeply nourish, soften and brighten the skin. All of our focused facials are customized to meet our client’s needs. Unique masks promote better products absorption for the deepest hydration.

Detox Facial

Enjoy a detoxifying and purifying facial treatment for any skin type presenting with blemish concerns due to environmental toxins, hormones or stress. Skin texture is smoothed and refined, inflammation and blemishes reduced, pores minimized, and the skin feels super clean and healthy. Enjoy an advanced purifying clay mask, to draw out dirt and pore clogging debris. Combined with 20 mins of microcurrent technology to detox the skin, kill the bacteria at a cellular lever and prevent future breakouts. A must have every 3 to 6 months for deep cleaning of your skin!

Glow Goddess Facial

This luxurious facial is the anti-aging pro radiance facial. Put your most gorgeous face forward with our platinum level experience fit for a superstar. Light exfoliation is followed with pure vitamin c and gold leaves, leaving your skin brilliantly illuminated. We add 20mins of microcurrent technology to allow all our products to penetrate to deeper levels for more effects. The cellular rejuvenation will make your skin radiant, glowing face presents the perfect palette for glamour makeup and ideal for weddings, parties and other high profile events.

Collagen Infusion Facial

By boosting your skin’s collagen content and slowing the rate of collagen depletion, collagen masks potentially reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote smoother skin texture and help restore or maintain your skin’s elasticity. Combined with 20mins of microcurrent technology to allow your own body to reproduce your own collagen and elastin faster! A must have to completely rejuvenate and erase the fine lines and wrinkles, once a month or every 2 to 3 months is recommended !

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