Microcurrent Treatment

Experience the vibrancy of Microcurrent science to deeply rejuvenate, hydrate, soothe and boost your skin’s natural ability to heal itself by reinforcing your collagen & elasticity production for a firming effect.

This restorative treatment is ideal for a wide range of sensitivities, including inflammation, acne, rosacea and environmental damage. Experience the vibrancy of healing energy to deeply repair and revitalize the skin.

Premium Microcurrent Treatment – $300 / 50 mins
Package of 7 Premium Microcurrent Treatments – $1,050 / $150 each
Microcurrent Treament – $250 / 50 mins
Package of 4 Microcurrent Treaments – $400 / $100 each
90 mins treatment available by request

A regenerating and corrective treatment improves the effects of sun damage with clinically proven vitamin C, peptides, argon oil, stem cells that will firm the skin and reduce deep lines.

With the latest in skin care advances, Microcurrent allows all our amazing active ingredients to penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin, thus making them way more effective.

All our treatments deeply nourish, softens and plumps the skin.

Allow our skilled esthetician to treat your skin using all skin loving products.


Results are instant with no down time. Mimicking your own electrical current, microcurrent can help your body rebuild its own collagen and elastin. It helps erase the sun damage and evens out your skin tone, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles, helps stimulate your face and neck muscles to lift and plump. It detoxes your skin, kills the bacteria to clear out breakouts and acne. Rejuvenates your cells and heals your skin to glow from within. It is the safest and most beneficial treatment you could ever get.


Finally a real fountain of youth treatment that’s natural and holistic. With consistent weekly microcurrent treatments you will transform the way your skin looks and feels. Changing the texture of your skin to a more supple and softer complexion. Best results are achieved over time, making this treatment a must have to age gracefully and keep look 10 to 20 years younger. Everyone enjoys the wonderful benefits of microcurrent at our center.


Using conductive gels and copper tools we help conduct the electricity onto your skin. We love using vitamins for their wonderful benefits and with our technology we can help them penetrate to deeper layers of your skin for the best results.

Why not keep looking 10 to 20 years younger than your real age!! It will be our secret!!