Questions and Answers

Microcurrent is a Facial Toning System that uses high-tech-micro currents to introduce a mild pulsating current into the skin and muscles to accomplish two goals:

  • The Microcurrent directed in specific patterns and frequencies, exercises and strengthens facial muscles. It’s lifting and strengthening actions build tone through the cumulative effect of our treatment series. With repeated sessions, facial muscles will hold their tone.
  • The Microcurrent carries specially formulated ionic solutions to the underlying layers of skin to improve hydration, elasticity and circulation
Our Facial Toning system leaves you with a firmer, slimmer face and neck; tighter, firmer brows; uplifted mouth and cheeks, and smoother skin. This procedure is completely safe and brings dramatic results almost immediately.

No one likes to think of themselves as growing older. Yet, year-by-year, changes do take place, gradually and surely. One of the reasons the face tends to show signs of aging first is because of changes taking place in the underlying network of muscles. The face and neck are the only areas of the body where muscle is directly connected to the skin tissue. As these muscles lose their elasticity and strength, they pull against the delicate facial tissues, causing them to sag and wrinkle. Microcurrent technology works with facial muscles to improve their tone and strength to prolong a youthful appearance with ability to tighten up slightly sagging skin.

Microcurrent is also called “Facial Toning” as well as a “Non-Surgical Face Lift”.

The system is completely safe and treatment is non-invasive. The current is extremely low, less then the output of a pacemaker. The system operates on a pre-programmed setting and contains calibrated internal data monitoring and resistance meters. This allows full comfort to the client as well as optimal performance and results for the operator.

Microcurrent Treatments are usually performed within 45-60 minutes, and are usually prescribed in a series of 6 to 12 treatments over a course of 60 days with one to two treatments a week recommended for maximum results. The number of sessions in a series is specific to each client. Once the series is complete, a monthly “booster” treatment is required to maintain results.

Our non-invasive treatment usually offers noticeable results even after just one session and effectively gives you the benefit of a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. Although surgery is much more effective, not everybody is ready to make that decision.

Like exercise for the other parts of the body, the facial muscles need a regular workout to achieve good muscle tone. Muscle re-education by microcurrent is often referred to as “sculpting” and “lifting.

This procedure is not painful. Some clients experience a tingling sensation during the session. Most find it comforting, relaxing, soothing and often fall asleep.
The lifting and strengthening action have an accumulative effect on the face with each systematic series of treatments, increasing the holding action of the muscles. Through repeated sessions, facial muscles will hold their tone. Just like the stomach muscles will “re-tone” after repeated sessions of sit-ups. During the initial program, we recommend one to two visits a week with the total number depending on the individual needs. A typical course of treatment will range from six to twelve sessions. And after that a visit once a month is usually all that is required to maintain good facial muscle tone and youthful appearance.
When you stop exercising the body, over a period of time the muscle will lose their increased tone and return to a more flaccid state. The same is true for the face. It will not suddenly “fall,” but overtime will begin to resume its normal aging process.
Most individuals will see immediate changes in facial contour after the first treatment. Your skin specialist can lift half of your face to show you the difference compared to the other side. But the improvement is increasingly obvious over a period of time with the series of sessions. Results depend significantly on the individual’s age and lifestyle.
Start with an in-clinic consultation with one of our Facial Toning Specialists. During your consultation we can answer any remaining questions you might have, discuss the degree to which aging has affected your facial muscles and skin tone, and recommend an individual program addressing your specific concerns.
Many surgeons are encouraging older clients to have facial toning treatments before surgery because it helps boost muscle tone, speeds recovery, and help maintains the effect of plastic surgery after the patient has fully recovered.

Experience the benefit of a one time Facial Toning Treatment prior to a special occasion. Your skin will glow as re-hydration and circulation improves while the contour lift remains for several days after one session.

Facial Toning is a great addition to any facial, and can also be incorporated as part of our Customized Facial. We often recommend treatment before major events to quickly improve the skin tone, elasticity and firmness.