We created a space that has revolutionized the skincare industry, with a peaceful environment for personal inspiration, growth and life transformation. Saying goodbye to invasive, unnatural methods and saying hello to the future of skincare, with the best advancements in the science of skin, combined with the latest technology in microcurrent healing energy. A remarkable healthy way to rejuvenate your cells and naturally regrow your own collagen and elastin. It is absolutely remarkable the radiance your skin will show, glowing like never before after just the first treatment and revealing younger looking skin as time goes on with consistent treatments. It is a relaxing and healthy way to age gracefully without showing signs of aging or damage. Stimulating your muscles to lift, detoxing your skin, healing sun damage and age spots are some of the amazing benefits microcurrent will have on your skin, giving your own body the ability to heal itself naturally.


Choose from one of our renowned rejuvenating treatments. It will be a marvelous healing experience. Our anti-aging treatments will revitalize your cells, based on the regenerative capabilities of microcurrent. Our services offer sophisticated, high end modalities with the luxury of personalized attention to your needs.

Microcurrent Treatment

Experience the vibrancy of Microcurrent science to deeply rejuvenate, hydrate, soothe and boost your skin’s natural abili..


Potent serums rich in essential vitamins and minerals are massaged into your skin using both deeply relaxing and stimulat..

Organ Detox Cleanse

Gain physical endurance and health, boost metabolism, tone up and detoxify in a healthy sustainable and effective way wit..

Acne Treatments

Microcurrent can detox the skin and kill the bacteria at a cellular level to reveal cleaner and smoother skin From within..

Hand Treatments

A nourishing treat for the hands. Relax while your skin is replenished and your senses are reawakened with an amazing mic.

Royal Treatment

Enjoy the luxury of having two Specialist work on your face, neck, chest and hands all at the same time. Achieving the mo..

New Client Discount!

New client special: $125 for 2 Microcurrent Treatments.
$300 for 2 Premium Microcurrent Treatments.

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“I look 10 years younger without surgery!”

Remarkable BEFORE & AFTER Photos

Looking ‘naturally beautiful’ in all decades of life is the new trend in beauty. More and more women (and men) over 40 are looking for an alternative way to keep up a youthful appearance without having to undergo risky surgery.

Take a look for yourself how amazing our clients look after just a few weeks of treatment . . .



Here is some feedback from real clients.

Very professional and nice environment. I’ve had two treatments so far, and I saw improvement in texture and tightness of my skin after the first one! I am excited to have this as a viable alternative to injections in keeping my skin more youthful.

Barbara C.

Agustina has a great technique, very relaxing and I love her innovative approach to slowing down aging. I highly recommend her service and I can’t wait for my next appointment.

Ivona G.
The micro-current facials are amazing, as is Agustina. My brows are lifted, my eyes don’t disappear when I smile, the bridge of my nose seems to be elongated and thinner, the tip of my nose no longer droops, my cheeks and jawline are more defined, my pores are smaller to nonexistent – and my skin is healthier. And, if that’s not enough, I have a lot more energy! Agustina is passionate and very knowledgeable about her work. I look forward to my sessions with her.
Penny C.

Agustina is the anti-aging miracle worker! She has a mission and it’s passionate about her work. I had micro-currents before and the results were not long lasting. Her treatments deliver amazing results. In just one treatment I noticed a big difference. Every treatment gets better, my skin is more even and toned. Another good side effect is it clears up my sinus and I feel relaxed afterwards. I no longer use Botox or fillers. This is the best investment I’ve made for myself.

Sheryl B.



We offer great packages to enjoy 50% and 75% off on our services.

We also offer hour and a half treatments by request as well.

Hand Treatment/ Royal Treatment

One Hand Treatment Add On – $100
Package of 10 Hand Treatments – $500 / $50 each
Combined with a Premium Microcurrent face and neck treatment for a Royal Treatment

Microcurrent Treatment/ Acne

Preimum Microcurrent Treatment – $300 / 60 mins
Package of 7 Premium Microcurrent Treatments – $1,050 / $150 each
Microcurrent Treatment – $250 / 60 mins
Package of 4 Microcurrent Treatments – $400 / $100 each
90 min treatments available by request

Organ Detox Cleanse

Organ Detox Cleanse – $150
Package of 6 Organ Detox Cleanses – $600 / $100 each
This is an add on service to the Premium Microcurrent Treatment

Opening Times

We recommend that you book your appointments a week apart for maximum results.

You can book an appointment with us here or you can call to book an appointment with us at 415.785.7535



















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