Meet Agu

Agustina Brum is today’s it-esthetician for anyone who wants gorgeous, undeniable younger looking skin that endures. Known for her powerful refining and reshaping facials, she delivers fun, empowering, and exquisite skincare services driven by the art of noninvasive techniques. Agustina possesses over 10 years of accentuating the beauty industry through luxury skincare treatments and enjoys every moment of not only exceeding client expectations, but giving them the most positive, comfortable, and beautiful experience they deserve along the way.  

Creating her clinic on a foundation of opulence and passion, Agustina has been passionate about beauty for as long as she can remember. With that as her base, it inspired Agustina to dive deep into the world of skincare, training diligently at numerous aesthetics schools in San Francisco and Marin County. In addition, Agustina studied and trained directly with a mentor who specialized in Microcurrent technology in Mill Valley CA, all of which positioned her to become the endorsed aesthetician she is today who continuously stays updated with the latest in skincare innovations. In fact, Agustina proactively educates herself in the modalities that are award winning to offer more result-driven facials and products at her clinic. 

Agustina has developed a collection of innovative, noninvasive, anti-aging skincare treatments that have earned her the nickname 'The Miracle Worker' and the 2021 Orion Star Award for Esthetician of the year. However, Agustina created her space to be much more than just another skincare resource; it is a brand that illuminates the innate power of intertwining technology, the most amazing Uruguayan healing crystals, and tailored skincare solutions that go beyond the skin itself. She loves helping her clients feel amazing in their skin. As a lifelong learner of the human body and skin, Agustina has a genuine love for optimizing the spa experience and proving just how magical skincare accentuation can truly be. Demonstrating that through her noninvasive services and quality products you can unlock new levels of confidence, and a radiating complexion that lasts. Overall, Agustina is a highly respected aesthetician who always puts her clients first. Come visit her in her amazing Waterfront Salon in Mill Valley and fall in love with your skin again.